Check out this list of great waist trimming foods! They have totally helped both myself and my clients lose inches, pounds while creating a healthy lifestyle!

While it’s easy to focus on the crap that’s bad for us, focusing on good foods helps us take action. So, if you are looking to cleanse your system, and shed excess water weight, check out these 10 detoxifying foods that get you going! Not only will they help you with weight loss, younger looking skin, better digestion,and more energy,  these ten detoxifying foods will help you cleanse your body!

1. Artichokes

If you  had one too many glasses of wine or a couple of cocktails over the past few weeks,  steamed artichoke leaves have a ton of anti oxidents and fiber that will stimulate your liver function, and help your body digest easier.

2. Berries

Berries have such a high level of anti oxidants that if you increase your  intake you will improve digestion, make your skin and hair brighter, and regulate your poops!

3. Lemons

Lemons are great detoxifiers! They’re filled with a ton of vitamin C and really help flush out your system! If you’re a big coffee drinker put a slice of lemon in your second cup and I promise you’ll feel more inclined to squeeze a lemon in your water instead. Joking aside, instead of your second cup of coffee, try drinking warm water with an entire squeezed lemon. It will brighten your skin and  improve immunity.

4. Watercress

Watercress- The all natural diuretic that eliminates toxins from the body. Put a ton in your salad, you’ll not only add some crunch but you’ll feel less inclined to dump the crouton box into the mix!

5. Flax

Ground flaxseeds are the ideal detox food! They will make you poop! How? Because they are rich in fiber which binds and flushes out toxins from the intestinal tract!  They are loaded with omega 3 fatty oils. After your warm water with lemon, try mixing ground flaxseeds into a cup of greek yogurt, your tummy will really fill up! P.S. you can also put it on top of your cereal.

6. Apples

Stating the obvious, apples are good for you! Bottom line, they help your liver get rid of toxins food additives, pesticides, and all the other random crap manufacturers use to fill “foods”.

7. Brown rice

If you have hit the drive thru, grains, like brown rice, repair much of the damage. That said, don’t think a big mac followed by a cup of brown rice is going to help you lose weight. Truth os, brown rice, in particular, contains key detoxifying nutrients, and a ton of fiber that will help cleanse the colon, protect the liver and of course, make you poop.

8. Ginger

Ginger helps digestion, soothes bloating and gas pain, and strengthens immunity, if you can add some with your lemon and warm water, you’ll kill 2 birds with one stone.

9. Cabbage

Cabbage is an excellent detoxifying food that can help with weight loss. This antioxidant that promotes liver detox and really helps with weight loss! add some chopped cabbage into your salad~!

10. Garlic

You may stink but hey, it’s one of the best detoxifiers!


Food for thought:  I find it’s best to add them 1 at a time, you want to ovoid feeling overwhelmed and  they become a part of your diet, rather than feeling like a chore to keep up with.

Remember to add one new food per week, and give yourself time to adjust. This is about creating life long habits that you can sustain. Fad diets can really work but you run the risk of losing the weight and then putting back on more pounds than you initially started with.

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Cheers to a happy healthy you!

Carolyn :))