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Simplifying Healthy Living For Busy Mommas!

Hi! Carolyn Barnes here 🙂 I want to take a sec and introduce myself. For starters, I’m a BUSY mom and former expert in EXCUSE MAKING. I gained 60 lbs durning my second pregnancy with my son Jack, ( thirty more than I did with my daughter, Sophie,) I gave birth to 8 of them…. Which meant I had an extra 52 lbs hanging out on my thighs, ass, belly, and boobs.

I remember standing in the middle of my kitchen, wearing my uniform, an oversized dirty T shirt and a pair of pilatzo sweat pants,(nothing else fit). I was holding my baby while my 3 1/2 year old daughter  yanked  on my pants for attention. Her cereal spilt on the floor, as my son spit up everywhere. The doorbell ran, the dog went nuts barking, and I started crying.

I was tired, out of wack, felt fat,out of shape and defeated.

I held Jack with one arm, pulled my pants up with the other, and grabbed a rag off the kitchen countertop with my foot to clean up my mess, and as I dragged the rag around, I noticed this intense inner thigh burn. I had my very first AHA moment!!  I put my baby in his swing, grabbed a few more rags and began to clean my entire kitchen floor with my feet. What an amazing workout!  I began to apply exercise to all my chores, I figured I’m cleaning anyway, I might as well get more bang for my buck!  Because I was moving all the time, the weight seemed to naturally fall off, and I felt stronger each day. This inspired me to pay attention to what I shoved in my mouth, and in 4 months I shed my 52 lbs. My friends asked me who I was training with and I told them my dishes. Then they started to do it, and the next thing ya know I got the entire neighborhood TASKERCISING and getting lean while they cleaned! 

As soon as my life started coming together, it suddenly fell apart and lost almost everything, my home, all of our finances, my marriage, our  water and power was turned off, I was returning groceries at the check out line… 

I remember standing at the edge of my pool, it was 1 am, looked up at the sky and thought to myself, ” How is this my life and who the “F” signed me up for this?! One foot at a time I walked into my freezing cold pool, and  as I swam from one end to the other I thought, ” If I can handle this freezing cold water, I can handle anything life throws at me.”
It was after when I realized what the word “cLEAN” truly meant. Clean means much more than cleaning off your countertops, it means cleaning out your mind. We can work out the muscles in our bodies, but if we ignore the one sitting in between our ears, what’s the point ??!

Tackling the mindset doesn’t mean you stop here, you’ve still got to put one foot in front of the other. When we try a new way of doing things, we can get worse before it getting better. It’s uncomfortable, and stressful. We are running back to the comfort zone – old behaviors and thoughts are easy to slip into.

But getting to the big improvement means you have to go through the discomfort and challenge yourself.  When you make the decision to avoid discomfort and fight change, you will yo yo!

When I think of what cLEAN Momma stands for, I think of a pyramid.


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TASKERCISE is term I came up with where you combine exercise with your everyday tasks.It’s the one-size-fits-all Solution that’s easy to incorporate into any person’s daily routine and lifestyle that will get you losing weight, toning up, maximizing time, and regaining your inner calm! It will absolutely get you fit, and feeling healthy, FAST!

By combining my dance background, with the latest fitness craze, (interval workouts), you can achieve the same, if not better results than if you were working out at a gym for an hour! Plus, you’ll have a clean home!!

  • Burn calories for longer periods of time
  • Loose weight
  • Tone Your Body
  • Improve your posture
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your energy!
  • Complete Your “To Do” List!
  • Strengthen your body in minutes doing what you HAVE to do!




2. cLEAN diet.

Like a car, your body needs quality fuel to run efficiently.  This program is all about making SMART choices with food – exercise alone will not get you all the way there, trust me. Flavor does not equal fat and fat does not equal bad for you.

I have to tell you, there is nothing like a glass of milk and a bag of Oreo cookies, after I put my kids to sleep. However, over the years I really learned the real term “moderation“! I have to say, bit by bit making daily changes can give big results and with out even trying:


  • My weight shed
  • My energy increased
  • I found I was less hungry
  • I snacked more and ate less
  • And found eating healthy was less work than I thought!
  • Increase productivity
  • My mood was better!

MindsetEverything_large3. cLEAN mindset. Like a closet, or a drawer, if it’s filled with clutter, how can you find anything or get what we want. Our thoughts dictate our behaviors, which dictates our actions which dictates our results. We are what we think. It’s pretty simple yet really hard.

I have to tell ya, it’s all about brain power! I used to go spend the majority of my day in auto pilot, I would pass through it, go to sleep, wake up and repeat. I found that not only was I missing out on life,  but I would do most things half ass. Before time I would occupy my brain with crap, ( which takes up way too much space and takes you out of what you are really doing.)Once I replaced my brain chatter and actually started to pay attention to what was going on around me I enjoyed things differently.The point I’m trying to make, ( with out trying to sound like a self help book, ) is,  once I got my out of my own way, I was able to make things happen the way I wanted, not the way I feared.

  • Thoughts lead to behaviors.
  • Behaviors lead to action.
  • Actions lead to results
  • Consistency leads to lasting change!

Through my own personal journey I have become an expert and can now help you. I won’t lie and sugar coat things, it does take work. I’ve just help simplify things and made it convenient for you to do. So, If you are ready to get down and dirty and clean up your act, LET’s Do This!

Be your own Momma and take care of YOU!



1) Credentials and experience. I have over 20 years training, certified master pilates instructor, certified life coach, certified cognitive behavior therapy and one 15 + years of working one on one with clients, and teaching workshops.

2) A Realistic Approach. As a busy mom myself, I get it. I create a realistic approach and plan that works specifically for you, because you are different than anyone else out there! I will teach you short cuts to make your current lifestyle healthier!

3) Scientifically proven techniques: I’m not about reinventing the wheel, the wheels on the bus go round and  have been proven, I’m on the up and up and know how to weave and apply them to your busy lifestyle.

4) Empathy: I don’t believe in playing the victim but an occasional a pity party is human. Because of my own personal journeys and battles, I understand the struggles many face. I have become an expert in being in tune, understanding, listening, and redirecting thought patterns to help you get out of feeling overwhelmed and “stuck.”

5) Goal Oriented. I am passionate in helping you achieve your goals. I want you to have results, so as long as you’re in it to win it, so am I! As a result, you’ll feel more energy, lose weight, gain control and have balance. I want to empower you with tools to take action and continue moving forward!


my diet better, use, websiteCarolyn Barnes Is a nationally recognized fitness expert, and star of  ABC’s weight loss series, “My Diet Is Better Than Yours”. With over 20+ years experience as a classically trained, professional dancer, certified trainer in Pilates, and certified health and wellness life coach, her unique approach simplifying healthy living has been featured on TV shows such as; Good Morning America, Fox News, The Doctors, Style TV, KTLA News, CBS News, ABC News, The Today Show,(Australia). And  has also served as a fitness/wellness, content contributor for; Shape, SELF, Fitness,Woman’s First, Parenting, LA Parent, Red Book, Real Simple, All You, The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Washington Post, National Enquirer, Daily News. 

She is also a published author, (The cLEAN momma Workout~ Harper/ Collins), and motivational speaker. In addition, Carolyn creates wellness programs for woman; working, stay at home moms, pre natal, post natal, She also develops wellness programs for non – profits, along with corporations such as; Wells Fargo, CVS, Fresh And Easy.