The cLEANmomma™ Lifestyle- the busy person’s solution to living life fitfully.


clean up your act fullThe cLEANmomma plan is a series of  TASKERCISING™ routines based on cleaning and organizing your living and working spaces. The idea is a simple one, time is our greatest asset and greatest liability. When we feel disorganized or are surrounded by clutter it doesn’t matter if we are making it to the gym regularly enough to stay in shape, we will experience stress and stress is not good for losing weight or for being healthy. Being happy and stress free is one of best ways to look better, attract other people, and to actually live a healthy life. So its about setting goals differently and living life differently.

If you are spending an hour and half going to the gym everyday, do you have time to achieve the other objectives in your life?

Live your life and just combine exercising techniques throughout your daily routines. Your goal is to make every movement count toward your goal of feeling fit and increasing your energy while you are actually taking the time to take care of your home and your family. As wonderful as you may feel after sweating it off in the gym, I am telling you that you can have that same rewarding feeling AND be rewarded with a clean and organized home to boot and quite simply, there is nothing like that feeling and I want to share that with you on this website, on my facebook page and through the videos and books that I publish.


Don’t Make Exercise A Chore, Make Your Chore Your Workout!

I have a dance background so when I first started trying to integrate a workout into my cleaning routines, I went straight back to my dance roots, and began weaving in ballet and cardio movements as I did my laundry, dishes, vacuumed, did homework and played game with my 2 kids, ran errands, sat at the computer, and any other time I was in work mode. Not only did I kill my To Do List, I killed the 60lbs I was desperate to lose.

I was so excited that my body was toning up that my level of motivation sky rocketed, so I took things one step further and focused on all my patterns of behavior.
healthfoodStep-by-step I cut out the processed and refined sugar lade foods I had been eating (while still allowing myself the occasion pizza and cookie treats we all crave from time to time). Within 4 months I had lost all the baby weight and found myself in better shape, more focused, more energized, and better organized than I was pre-kids! It was a frigg’n miracle!

Not only were my friends commenting and inquiring, but I was being stopped in the school by other parents, and even teacher, then I was being stopped in the streets. Well how many times can you repeat something before you realize that you just have to share these life lessons publically?

I’ve since created the cLEANmomma™ Plan and have helped thousands of overwhelmed and busy people experience the same lifestyle shift that I experienced.

My program is not a miracle cure. I won’t lie or sugar coat it. Losing weight and getting into shape takes work. But it doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to cost money. And it doesn’t need to happen overnight. Make the choice to let yourself be happy, make a commitment to raise your energy level, enjoy your body in motion and integrate motion into your life and you will lose weight and feel wonderful.


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