What is The cLEANmomma Lifestyle?

It’s a realistic, DOABLE way of living for everyday people who don’t need to spend excess time or money in order to live a healthy, fit, lifestyle utilizing 3 key components:

  1. cLEANmindset: Be aware of your behavior and patterns. Your brain dictates your actions.
  2. cLEANbody: Get fit with daily tasks,  TASKERCISE™ . The cLEANdiet: Fuel your body, enjoy your food.
  3. cLEANhome: Declutter your space, get rid of “stuff” you don’t need. Clear a path to a clearer you!

Long and short, it’s all connected, that is why I call it a lifestyle.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but after learning things the long, not short way, my mission is to  simplify it for you!


clean_your_mind_garbage_bin_photo-scaled5001: cLEAN Mindset

It all starts here! I have to tell ya, it’s about brain power and behavioral changes! If we get to the root of why we are choosing to behave a certain way, then we can make sustainable changes!

I used to spend the majority of my day on auto-pilot and I found that not only was I missing out on life, I was also doing most things half-assed.

Once I replaced my brain chatter and actually started to pay attention to what was going on around me and what I wanted out of life, I made different choices and I enjoyed myself more. Long and short, our minds are programmed to think in a certain way based on eons of evolution and this doesn’t always jive with our modern society where we are surrounded by 24×7 television, modern convenience, easy everything and endless food choices. These automatic thoughts, can be self sabotaging or, can be life changing – if we learn to understand them and work with our brains instead of brainlessly.

At the risk of sounding like just another self – help book, it’s about retraining your brain, identifying emotional triggers, and creating new habits that will help you become the best possible you, (with the knowledge and understanding that it takes time and the desire to want to do it!)

get lean while you clean

2: cLEAN body: TASKERCISE™ and cLEAN Eating.


When I got frustrated by having to constantly choose between exercising and taking care of my family I finally had an inspiration moment to try to do both at the same time. Taskercising moves combine elements of basic ballet, Pilates, cardio training and multitasking. It’s actually a one-size-fits-all solution that’s easy to incorporate into any person’s daily routine and lifestyle that will get you losing weight, toning up, maximizing your time, and regaining your inner calm!

However, if you expect magical results doing a couple of squats throughout your day, I gotta come cLEAN, it’s not gonna happen.

What I will share is this, as a former professional dancer and certified pilates instructor I have taken the concept of a ballet barre workout to a multitasking max! To say that the Barre trend hasn’t heated up in the last 10 years is an understatement.  What I’ve created is a formula where busy people can apply the same concept and foundation while doing their every day tasks!


bathtub bench press step oneWhen you TASKERCISE you will be doing what you already have to do, while targeting multiple muscle groups at once.This is a highly efficient workout and use of time since you’re doing two to four movements—holding, pulsing, stretching, for example—at a time in each move, ( oh and cleaning your dishes, or floors), get it? When you are working all these areas at once it will also helps raise the heart rate.

Modern conveniences and our electronic oriented world have made many of us way too sedentary.

At the time that I discovered this way of exercising throughout my daily routines I was focused on taking care of my home and my young children which meant doing a lot of cleaning up every day. It was my cleaning oriented Taskercising routines that led me to the cLEANmomma – Get Lean While You Clean Program. This is a great place for everyone to start because it will absolutely get you fit, ( agrees Good Morning America). And most importantly it will make you feel empowered because you will be tackling the clutter and grime of everyday living at the same time.

Strengthen your body in minutes doing what you HAVE to do!


 eat-clean-2Part 2: cLEAN Eating

As you start feeling more energetic and empowered you can’t help but think about the food you’re shoving into the ONLY body you have. So once you tackle getting the motion back into your life, you need to then focus on making SMART food choices. Exercise alone is not the answer. If you exercise enough off all the calories you eat without thinking, all you will be is hungrier for more food.

Fuel your body throughout the day with healthier foods and avoid crap when you’re starving! I came to a realization after my second child, Jack, was born and my favorite pair of jeans wouldn’t pull up past my thighs.
cLEAN Eating is also not a quick fix; I am not going to promise that you will lose a ton of weight in days, weeks or even months!

Why? Because you’ll gain all right back! I’m here to help you commit to making lifelong, sustainable changes with respect to eating, not some quick fad! Start off by making small doable changes in your eating. One step at a time, no drastic crash dieting! With my simple tools and tricks, you will keep the weight off, develop new habits and feel GREAT.

clear-mind-13: cLEAN Home

Mess leads to stress, it’s that simple. Whether it’s the panic you feel when looking for a your car keys,, or getting frustrated when trying to find the right lid to a container lost somewhere in your kitchen cupboard – small stressors can really affect the clarity of your mind.

When we  declutter  we destress. I have found that when I am overwhelmed and stressed, my house reflects this. Papers seem to pile up, my pantry may have 4 jars of pepper but no salt…. get the picture.

We need to clear our home, in order to clear our mind.

If your home or workspace is messy and unorganized, your brain will continue to think that work is unfinished. Your brain cannot focus on other, new projects when distracted by the mess!

A messy home creates high levels of anxiety
Cluttered space can make us anxious, leaving doubt in our mind that we will ever get to the end of the pile. It keeps us clouded.

But guess what, cleaning your home can reduce feelings of frustration!
When you clean and organize your physical environment, it frees up energy and resource for your mind to concentrate on the more important things.

When you clear your surrounds of clutter or things you don’t need, it will clear spaces in your mind to think creatively and solve problems!

Removing items that are no longer needed creates a harmony
Removing unused, unwanted or unloved items can create a harmony across other aspects of your life. Do you really need 10 years of birthday cards in your drawer? Could this drawer instead hold items that will help you reach a future goal?

Long and short, an active body leads to an active mind!

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