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4 Minute Intense Workout Using Your Swiffer, Broom, Mop, and Smart Phone !

  Get fit in 4 minutes with your broom, mop, or Swiffer! Finding time to exercise is more exhausting than working out! I get it, I’m a busy coach, and full time mom where I teach my clients day in and day out. I struggle finding time to sneak in my own workout. I discovered an amazing SOLUTION! If I combine what I teach my clients with my daily household chores I can really get an intense workout and I totally feel and see difference in my body! Guess what else, you’ll Continue to burn fat and calories for 12 hours after! Below is...

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The skinny on 10 waist triming foods.

Check out this list of great waist trimming foods! They have totally helped both myself and my clients lose inches, pounds while creating a healthy lifestyle! While it’s easy to focus on the crap that’s bad for us, focusing on good foods helps us take action. So, if you are looking to cleanse your system, and shed excess water weight, check out these 10 detoxifying foods that get you going! Not only will they help you with weight loss, younger looking skin, better digestion,and more energy,  these ten detoxifying foods will help you cleanse your body! 1. Artichokes If you  had one too many glasses of wine or a couple...

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Learn this 4 minute, amazing workout in your kitchen!

Hi! If you are busy like me, it’s hard to find time to exercise. What’s harder is that because I teach health and wellness I feel like I am working out, but the truth is, when I’m teaching, I’m not “Doing”, ( I’m fooling myself). So, I’ve come up with short bursts of exercise that I can weave in throughout the day and I’m excited to share this with you! The bottom line is, we all have 4 minutes, 2 minutes here and there throughout the day, and if we can multi task while we work out, we can...

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Hi there! I want to share something with you that can dramatically tone your arms and waistline!  The impact you will have on your body! Check out how doing laundry can tone your arms and firm your abs! It’s only 32 seconds! And, by sneaking this TASKERCISE before and after you load your washer and pour in the ‪#‎Tide‬, you will feel the burn, see results and your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day! 32 seconds is worth it, right?! Ps. If you sign up for my weekly newsletter, you can get FREE practical tips each week! Cheers...

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Look 10 lbs lighter, 2 inches taller, reduce stress, with this quick trick!

If you want to look 10 lbs lighter, 2 inches taller, and years younger, try this simple quick trick! I promise you will feel so much better when you do it! Get FREE practical tools, for busy people, and sign up for my weekly newsletter, on the upper right hand side of my website! And, if you feel ready to make small, daily changes that give big, lasting results, click here to learn over 35 ways to get fit while doing your everyday tasks! Cheers to a happy healthy you! Carolyn Barnes-  The cLEAN Momma...

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Tone Your Body Doing Laundry!

Swiffer Workout! Burn over 150 calories in 4 minutes!