root canalI Totally HATE Emptying the Dishwasher!

I hate it so much that I’ve been known to let my dirty dishes in the sink pile up and there’s nothing worse than a sink full of dirty pots and pans AND a full dishwasher!


I turned emptying the dishwasher into a chore I can tolerate now that I’m getting something out of it – I’ve turned a negative into a positive!

In order to not be like Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout – who wouldn’t take the garbage out – I started doing this:

My 10 Minute Tush Routine that Really Works!

Emptying the Top Rack

  • Create a staging area: Clean up your countertop a bit above the dishwasher to give your self a place to work. The idea is to break down your routine into controlled movements and empty the dishwasher in steps.
  • Engage your core: Make sure that your back is straight, your head is pulled up, and your tummy is tight.
  • Your hand work: Put one hand on the countertop for support and use the other hand to remove you dishes. As you take the cups and mugs out, instead of putting them away and coming back to the dishwasher to grab another one, take them all out and put them on the countertop staging area. In the process you can turn them right side up, allowing any remaining water to drip off. By staying in place near your dishwasher, you can work your legs while your hands are doing the unloading.
  • Your leg work:  Kick your leg out, start with the left, or the right – who cares, just pick a leg –  and kick it out to the back gently 2-3 inches off the floor. Do 8-10 leg-lifts on each side and then repeat until you finish the task (or until you are ready to pass out). Keep in mind that if you are out of shape and you get wobbly, pause to breath and regroup. You don’t want to break your dishes doing this routine.  If you start to really feel a burn doing this move alternate with some additional moves below.

Additional moves to try:

  • Side kicks: Try bringing your leg up and down 2-3  inches off the floor to your sides. You don’t need to kick the cabinets – these are small, controlled leg-lifts.  Remember to engage your tummy and pull up!
  • Butt kicks: While you stand in front of the dishwasher just lift up the bottom part of your leg and try to kick yourself in the butt (literally) – not fast and not too hard.

Before you get to the bottom rack take the cups and quickly put them away. While I do this I try to keep in exercise mode, focusing on stretching my arms and legs while moving going back and forth. Thinking how would a ballerina do this really helps.


Emptying the Bottom Rack

Pretty much the same set up as the top rack. Use a staging area and engage your core letting your hands do the unloading while you work out your butt and thighs.

I do grand plies as I take all my dishes and put them on the countertop. When I put the dishes in the cupboard, I add in some calf raises for an added bonus.

If you have a removable silverware holder, remove it. If you don’t, take all your silverware and put it in a tumbler. As you do this get into a deep plie and pulse at the bottom, or squat. It really burns and is fab for making your tush tighter!

Now once you have collected all of the silverware in the tumbler, do the back and side leg kicks (the same as you did unloading the top rack) as you organize the silverware into the drawer.

Its not very complicated once you get the hang of it.

As crazy as this sounds, this routine really works! My butt got much tighter and my pants are much looser!

Let me know how it works for you!