Learn clever ways to tone your body while you multitask!

Hey all!

Do you make excuses how you can’t or don’t have the time to  get in shape? I did! I soooo get it, believe me.

Ive been there and I really understand. I used to be the queen of avoidance! I was always running around doing errands, carpools, play dates, working… you name it.

The last thing I wanted to think about was how, where and when I was going to work out!  Yuck!

I always felt overwhelmed and never had enough time in the day to get it all done. I would go to bed feeling pent up, frustrated  and mad at myself  because I ate half the box of Oreos, while watching “Dancing with the Stars”.

I hated my thighs and always wore a sweatshirt around my waist to cover up my ever expanding tush! I dreamed of wearing cute jeans, and boots, but would make every excuse to not work out. I finally decided… ENOUGH!

Make a  simple rule for yourself and watch your body magically tone up!

I figured out a pretty unique clever way to get in shape and get it all done… and you can too! I’m here to help you stop the cycle of feeling out of shape, and beating yourself up about it!

I came up with a clever solution thats fun, simple easy to incorperate and it totally works! Plus it’s excuse proof!!

Taskercise! Combine exercise with your tasks! Get fit while you are doing the chores you HAVE to do.

Let’s face it… we all have dishes to clean, counters to clean, laundry to fold, sit in our cars waiting for the light to change, wait in lines at stores…. why not maximize these tasks and kill two birds with one stone? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could do all your errands chores, and work, and get in shape? Well you can! I did!

In my program “The cLean Momma Work – Out, I will teach you  how to tone up and slim down while simply doing your life!

I’ll not only teach you all my clever work out, but you’ll learn so many simple ways to eat well effortlessly.You ‘ll also learn the secrets to balancing yourself, and keeping your sanity.Plus you’ll learn ways to achieve  more time for youself!

Don’t stay stuck!

You can do it! I did, and so did all my neighbors, friends and tons of mommies and you can too!

Learn how you too, can get in shape, get things done, and have left over mommy time!

Learn more about the cLEAN Momma Work-out program here: http://www.cleanmomma.com/buythebook/

The cLean Momma Workout: Get Lean While You Clean

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Cheers to looking and feeling our best! After all, we are WOMAN, not just mommies!


The best tip I can give you when doing my TASKERCISING work-out:

Play fun upbeat music! I use my I Phone, ( Pandora is amazing!! You can choose your favorite upbeat music and its FREE!)

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