SWIVEL CHAIRWe don’t always have the luxury to get to the gym, let alone the time to workout. That said, we all have 30 seconds here and there! In fact, you would be amazed by how effective a dozen 30 second workouts scattered throughout your day can be. Get  tremendous results without tremendous work!

This TASKERCIZING™ move will:

  • Strengthen And Tone Your Core
  • Reduce Neck And Lower Back Pain
  • Improve Your Posture
  • Increase Your Energy!


Note: The key to making this TASKERCIZING™ routine effective is:

  • Proper form and posture
  • Making a consistent rule for yourself to follow so that you do the routine automatically. For example, make it a rule that each time you get up and down from my chair to do 8-10 swivels. You will be surprised at how quickly these small exertions will add up. I promise you that if you take this seriously and do it right, you will feel it the next day!

Watch this quick video where I ambush my hairdresser onto the swivel chair!

Cheers to a happy, healthy you!

:)) Carolyn Barnes