Would you love to feel great in your  favorite jeans ?

Do you wish your tush were a bit perkier?  Would you like toned arms and abs??!

Let’s be honest, who has time to always go to the gym and work out your tush all the time?

That being said…. I’m constantly doing laundry, folding towels, pairing dirtyup my kids socks…. I find this mind numbing and I HATE! ewwww… But it has to get done. I figured ” What a perfect time to work my butt!

So I came up with a routine that totally works! I posted it below with a step by step on how to tone and lift your but, and tighten core!

This is totally Doable and you can truley change your body while just doing simple things around my house.

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I give you step by step tecniques and tricks to really sculpt and tone your body while you are simply doing the stuff around your house anyway! It’s all about your form and posture while you do the exercises. Thats what makes the differance!


Here is my cLEAN Laundry Routine:

  • After I take the clothes out of the dryer, I put them on a table (time to crank up the TV or some tunes!).
  • While sorting out the clothes,  engage your core muscles and pull up, then balance on one leg lift your other leg and flex your foot. Bring leg up and down slowly. balancing works your core, and the leg lifts to side and back will work your quats, and tush!- try to do at least 15 -20 on each leg 3x while you fold your towels.
  • Throw in some squats as you fold the towels or clothes, and lunge your way into your kids rooms or hall closets to put your clothes away!
  • you can take advantage of my empty detergent bottles by filling them with 3 lbs. of water and using them as weights.

For the flabby back part of your arm

  • Keep your arm next to your side and kick it back 10 times on each side – do 3 sets of 10.

Remember your posture. Stand tall, pull up, and engage your tummy.

 Let me know how it works for ya!