I have to share this story with you…

oreoWhen I used to put the kids to sleep, my full day of will power and healthy choices would slowly erode and eventually morph into a picture of an out of control woman – lying in bed watching “So You Think You Can Dance”, covered in Oreo crumbs, desperately try to clean up (with orange Cheetos-covered fingers). Next I would bust out my bag of pretzels, cream cheese and baby wipes (I did learn my lesson from my Cheetos-in-bed experience!). As much as I meant to avoid bad food choices, I ate it all anyway. Needless to say, there was no cLEANmomma webcam in my bedroom.

Since popping out Jack, I’ve worked hard at eating well during the day – lots of fruit, spinach, and foods high in protein – desperately trying to cover all four food groups.  Then along came 8:30 p.m. and the four food group triangle we all learned in elementary school slowly transformed into a four group rectangle – sugar, fat, starch, and salt, and it coincidentally looked like a graham cracker covered with peanut butter and jelly. Hey, we all have our weaknesses. With my new orientation to fitness, I did the math on my “harmless” snack and discovered that I might as well be eating a Big Mac… (no joke!)

Something Had to Change

I finally switched to a healthier night time snack and I have to say, it’s sooo fab and really satisfying.

Hear me out before you judge.

I take a jar of baby food (sweet peas are the best)… just kidding.

Clean Momma’s Night Time Cucumber Snack

I mix 2 tablespoons lowfat ranch salad dressing (40 calories) – I happen to like the the all-organic Nancy’s Healthy Kitchen brand –  with 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar (10 calories) and start dipping a whole (unpeeled) cucumber in it and munch away while I watch my favorite dancers (Gotta love Brandon!).

So here I am these days sitting in bed eating an entire cuke with cream on it and watching male dancers (there is probably something subliminal going on but let’s not go there).

It’s really yummy and combines the crunchiness of the cucumber with the saltiness of the salad dressing.


It may not taste like a Big Mac, but unless they start selling self esteem in a Happy Meal, I will stick to my healthy alternative.