Do you you ever wish your arms were a bit more scuplted and toned?Do you ever wish you were wearing a tank top cause its SOOO hot, but instead you opt for a t shirt to hide your arms?

I get it! I used to hate the back flabby part of my arms! My daughter would wiggle them and sing wiggle waggle, jiggle jaggle… ( no joke!)

I started doing these little exercises that I want to share with you and I swear my arms have never been so toned! No weights, no gym… ( I DON”T HAVE TIME…lol)

Try this exercise everytime you get clean your counter tops, or every other time…

I swear it totally works! Just by taking an extra 30-60 seconds each time. It really adds up at the end of the day! Who needs the gym, when you can do little tricks to tone up…you’re doing your task any way… It’s a win win!

Try this exercises below! It totally works. 🙂

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I was talking to my Pediatrition, and she was asking me how my arms are so toned… So I told her a few things and she laughed. But then, when we shut the door… I showed her, made her do them, and she was like.. omg… this is really hard, but good!

This is what she shared-

Dr. Cathy Marshal– ( pediatrician and mother of three).” Carolyn’s program has taught me a unique way of getting a work out in. I’m with patients all day and rarely have time to go to the gym. By doing her routine, I was able to incorporate little tricks through out my day and really I really see a difference. I would hghly recommend this to any of my Patient’s mothers. – Dr. Cathy Marshal “

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  • Get into a plie position (great for the tush FYI).
  • Engage your tummy while standing up tall, with your shoulders down.  The more you engage your abs the more of an ab work out you’ll get.
  • Pick an arm to start with and as you clean your countertops press down hard to create a resistance. Think about isolating the muscles.
  • Do ten circles on each side really getting the crap off your countertops!
  • Do this through out your day on each counter top and it really adds up!

Make sure you don’t wiggle your hips and really pay attention to your posture (don’t forget to plie)!

Let me know how it works for ya!