Spring cLEAN your way LEAN!

Get rid of your clutter and your saddlebags!

Spring is here! Time to purge! TASKERSICE while you do it!

TASKERCISE: Master the art of multi tasking and combine exercise with your tasks!

Check out my favorite TASKERCISING workout for purging your drawers  while tightening your core… and more, this spring!


I love getting rid of crap, it’s cathartic, not to mention old dried up lipsticks are gross!

Purge a drawer while you tighten your core, tush and thighs and more!

What you need: A drawer that needs purging, a table or counter that is hip level.

What it works: Your inner thighs, tush and core.

NOTE: You are going to make three piles.: trash, stuff you still to keep, and stuff you use frequently, (That pile goes back in the drawer). You will also clean the inside your drawer.


1- Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with your tush tucked under you and your toes slightly turned out. Bend your knees and go into a deep plié/squat, making sure your knees do not go beyond your toes. And your tush is tucked in. Hold this position, with your weight mostly on your heels as you empty the contents of your drawer onto a table or counter that is hip level.

2- With a wipe or a damp towel, clean your drawer, add a deep pulse for a count of 20.


1- Start sorting by Standing close to the counter or table that you working on. Your hips should be square to the counter, to avoid wiggling.

2-Extend your left leg out to the side making sure that your tush is tucked under you.  Your weight should be completely on the standing leg. This will work your core and balance. Point your toes and bring your leg up about 2-3 inches off the ground, Return your leg back to the floor without touching the ground. Do 15-20 reps on this leg.

3- With the same leg,  flex your foot and do another 15-20 pulses double time. Switch legs and repeat.

NOTE: The key to results is in your form, and posture. If you pull up, engage your abs, and keep your tush tucked under, it really works!

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Cheers to looking and feeling our best! After all, we are WOMAN, not just mommies!


The best tip I can give you when doing my TASKERCISING work-out:

Play fun upbeat music! I use my I Phone, ( Pandora is amazing!! You can choose your favorite upbeat music and its FREE!)

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