Posture the most important thing I have to say when starting this program! It’s amazing how standing straight, with your shoulders down and tummy engaged can change your appearance drastically, as well as your life.

Changing your posture will:posture womansmaller

– make you look at least 10 lbs lighter instantly

-gives  you more confidence

-change your look dramatically

– help you move with intention behind it

-strengthen your tummy muscles

-strengthen your lower back and neck!

Having been a dancer for many years, good posture was beaten into my brain at a young age.

I must say, as an adult I truly see the value of it. Being aware of the importance of good posture, makes  me very aware of those who slouch. (I secretly want to shove a pole up their ass. can you believe I admitted that?)

Here is the deal people… stand up straight before I find you and do it. Seriously, I can’t tell you how this will change you.

kids postureWhen starting this program, it’s imperative that you hop on the ” pole up your butt” train. You won’t go very far  with your belly hanging out and your tush wiggling around while you do your dishes.

If you

-stand straight

-engage your tummy muscles

– keep your shoulders down

This will really maximize your work out,  giving you the best results.

Practice this concept in  your day to day life, whether it’s going to work, going for an interview,at the market or playing with your kids. Take notice on how different you feel, does your back feel better, is your tummy starting to get tighter?

Let me know what you think… Would love to hear what your thought’s are or if it’s had an impact on you. (It did for Jesse,  my new friend from CVS)

Talk soon,


P.S. If you change this habit now you can avoid the down falls to come!

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