As a "Recovering "Excuse-Aholic" myself, I've learned that my overthinking monkey brain and limiting beliefs about myself added ZERO value to my life. It wasn't until I became so dissatisfied with my own bullshit that I accepted that whatever strategy I was doing wasn't working for me... again. 

Knowing that I no longer wanted to be the victim of my own mind I began my own journey of self-discovery...

...and what I discovered was PROFOUND!

...in order to create any sustainable change we MUST do 3 things;

1- We MUST CHANGE our internal representation/belief system.

2- We MUST CREATE a "Doable Action Plan". 

3- We MUST be CONSISTENT with action.


By using modalities from NLP, (neural linguistic programming,) hypnotherapy, and mindfulness, we are able to address 88% of our thinking which takes place in the subconscious mind.  


1- IDENTIFY: What are the habits and beliefs that are currently giving you the results you wish to change

2- DESIRED OUTCOME-What specifically do you want instead.

3-CREATE- Together we create the plan of action so you can get to your desired outcome, ( with an action plan that specifically works for you and your lifestyle.)

4- REPROGRAM- Using the modalities from NLP and Hypnosis, we align desired outcomes and beliefs with both your conscious, (12% of your thinking) and subconscious, (88% of your thinking).

5-REINFORCE- With "Doable", daily action, you reinforce your new beliefs and habits to bring you closer to your desired outcome.

Why wait to live the best version of yourself when you can start TODAY!

If you are ready to raise the standards for yourself and your life, in a rapid, DOABLE, and permanent way, schedule a FREE 25 minute, Strategy Call, without any obligation.

If we are a good fit we move forward to the next steps, and if you are searching for something different, I have many resources to pass along.


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Step 2: Please indicate which days and times are best. 

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